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Amed, Bali Travel Guide 2024

Updated: May 16

Sunset in Amed, Bali. Travel guide 2024.

Amed feels untouched compared to the rest of Bali. It is home to iconic dive sights, delicious affordable restaurants, and beautiful viewpoints. Amed and the rest of North Bali are a bit undiscovered, so that famous Bali charm has been more sheltered from the overtourism that is bombarding the rest of the island. They maintain a hint of magic.

It would be hard not to fall in love with Amed, because it is a walking Disney movie. In just a few days, you can watch a dreamy sunset above the clouds, snorkel through a shipwreck filled with fish, and tan on a black sand beach.

It's the type of place where you grab a beer with the warung owner who served you lunch. In Amed, I learned the most about Balinese culture, Hindu holidays, and Indonesian traditions from casual conversations with lovely people. After just a few days I was genuinely so sad to say goodbye to all of my new friends.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, I cannot recommend Amed enough. Although, fair warning, you will not want to leave.

What to Do in Amed, Bali

Go Snorkeling

Amed had some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever seen, with many sites just a short swim away from the shore. If you have your own snorkels and fins you can leave straight from the shore. None of the snorkeling sites require a boat to access, but you may prefer to do a guided tour if you have limited time and would like to hit them all in one day.

  • Lipah beach - Lipah had a gorgeous reef that you can swim right out to, and we even saw a reef shark. There's a restaurant right on the beach where you can get a coffee once you get out of the water.

  • Japanese shipwreck - This sunken Japanese warship is located in Banyuning Bay. People also go here to dive, but i's quite shallow, so it is also very snorkel-friendly.

Go Scuba Diving

Enjoy the colorful variety of fish and wildlife at sites such as Pyramids and USAT shipwreck.

Relax at Black Sand Beach

In typical Bali fashion, the beach is covered in cafes and bars where you can sip on a coconut and lounge on a beanbag.

Gates of Heaven

While this is one of the most popular day trips from Amed, I don't recommend it. The photos of the volcanos and clouds are stunning, but the reality is less romantic.

A friend of mine said that people wait hours to get their photo between the gates. It's like a bakery where you get a number when you arrive, people shout the numbers out loud, and you go up when it's your turn.

I don't recommend visiting. First of all, this obviously seems like an unpleasant experience as a tourist. However, this site is also considered one of the holiest temples on the island of Bali, so it's a shame that this house of worship has been commodified in this way.

What to Eat in Amed, Bali

Rimba Cafe

Rimba Cafe is a stylish new addition to Amed. With the green window panes and surrounding jungle, it looks like an Ubud restaurant. They have a lot of vegan options, and they serve smoothie bowls, salads, burgers, and pastries.

Warung Sari Asih Tuna Satay

This little shack on the side of the road became my absolute favorite spot in Amed. It was obviously super affordable, but also the owners are so welcoming and kind. They offer the Indonesian classics like mie goreng, but they also made chicken satay. One night after dinner they pulled out a large speaker and a microphone and we did karaoke with the whole family.

Good Stuff Cafe & Eco Store

I was shocked by the quality of my burger at Good Stuff. It's a great spot to get dinner, and they sell many eco-friendly products as well.


KopiKota is a sweet cafe where you can find healthy options at a reasonable price. I went for dinner, but they are known for having a nice breakfast.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Amed

Lahangan Sweet

We rented motorbikes and biked up to the viewpoint restaurant. From there, we paid for a ride in a four-wheeler to get the rest of the way up the mountain. The road is pretty intense and steep, so I don't think anyone can do this part on a motorbike. After a short hike, we found ourselves at the peak of the mountain, surrounded by the clouds. You can walk around to appreciate the different views and they have little structures that you can play in or take photos with.

If you would like to get to Lahangan Sweet in the most straightforward way, you can ask a taxi driver in town to take you. However, I loved our little journey to get up to Lahangan Sweet.

The Lahangan Sweet treehouses are something that you see on Pinterest on Instagram, and I was worried that it might be one of those tourist traps where influencers in long dresses wait hours to get a photo. However, I was happily surprised. There are actually like ten identical tree houses, so you can have your own space for the sunset without being surrounded by mobs of tourists.

*If you are planning on scuba diving, you cannot go to Lahangan Sweet the next day because of the altitude.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is a bar/restaurant with a view of the sunset on the water. Definitely bring swimsuits, because you will want to enjoy the pool during golden hour. There is an entrance fee, but you get it back in drink and food credit.

Amed Nightlife

Reggae bar in Amed, Bali. Travel guide 2024.

Each night there will be one main bar, often with live bands and/or drink specials. This type of collaboration is common in Bali; it is how the nightlife functions in Kuta, Lombok and Gili Trawangan. It allows bars to work together rather than compete for business.

It creates a fun, accessible nightlife atmosphere, because you know everyone is likely to be at the same bar on any given night. You can ask almost anyone which bar you should go to and they will know which bar is on. It will usually be the Rasta Bar, the BARacuda, or Kura Bar.

Many drinks are made with Arak, a local alcohol distilled from coconut or palm tree sap. Be warned, Arak is very strong and locals love to pour free shots. It goes great with a Coke or in a mojito.

Compared to Cangguu or Seminyak, the Amed nightlife is much more casual and beachy. They are the type of bars where you dance barefoot in the sand and anyone from the crowd can go up and sing with the band (which I highly recommend doing.).



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