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A Guide to Thrift Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

Updated: 4 days ago

Hanoi Vietnam thrift shop guide

The best souvenir from any trip is a cute, unique piece of clothing. So much of my wardrobe is made up of clothing items that I have purchased everywhere from Santorini to Byron Bay, so I made it a mission to hunt around for something to bring back with me from Vietnam.

Thrifting is my favorite way to shop -- regardless of whether or not I am traveling. It allows me to be more sustainable in my purchasing decisions; it's far better than fast fashion or other retail shopping. Selfishly, I am also far more likely to find those one-of-a-kind items, and I gush when I tell people they were only $5!

As for when I travel, thrift shops are the best tool for finding the trendiest street in any new city. I either google thrift shop and look for the greatest concentration of stores, or I will ask people working at a more popular thrift shop to recommend others in the area. This is how I found my favorite neighborhoods in Vienna, Melbourne, Dublin, and other cities around the world.

Hanoi is full of history, but the thrifting scene is modern and booming. Here are some of my favorite thrift shops in Hanoi, Vietnam:

Cyber Slvt

This one was my personal favorite, largely because it seems like most people don’t know about it. It has a curated Y2K vibe with a ton of options for micro minis, patterned maxis, lingerie, and other pieces. Plus, they post about their new items on Instagram every day. 

Thankfully, this place was recommended to me by someone who works at Chan Con Cong, because you can’t search it on Google Maps. It’s not that far out of the Old Quarter, but this suburb feels much more peaceful and local. If you go to this location (you can also find it in their Instagram bio), it’s upstairs above the art gallery.

Chan Con Cong

This is the thrift shop that was recommended to me the most. It’s a bit pricey by Vietnam standards (paying 300k for something second-hand feels strange when you can also buy it on the straight for 100k), but it’s nicely curated with an upstairs area and a sales section. They have a notable amount of vests.

Hami Shop

This store was not as curated as some of the others, but it was also far less expensive. It’s on the same street as most of the others, so it’s worth sorting through for hidden gems.

Xom Vintage

Well-curated but also fairly expensive. There were a lot of cute items and many of them looked pretty unique. When I was there they were having a summer sale which made it more affordable, but a dress was still 500k on its own.

27 Klub

One of the more popular men’s clothing thrift shops with heaps of T-shirts, pants, and other basics. The whole vibe of the store is very vintage American.

Cua Hang Bach Hoa

Very trendy place to thrift for men’s clothing. They had a lot of hats and other accessories. It’s mainly men’s clothing, but a lot of girls shop there for oversized jackets or pants. It can be a good place to stop if you’re surprisingly cold in Vietnam.

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