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Dublin Travel Guide 2024

Updated: Apr 30

Dublin is one of those cities that you fall in love with right away. It's small, charming, and full of positive energy.

Irish locals are so friendly, especially at the pubs! They'll happily talk about their traditions and teach you about Irish culture. They want to tell you where to find the best Guinness or where to catch a show.

Although it was brief, I had the most lovely time studying at Trinity College in the heart of Dublin. In this guide I'll give my recommendations for:

If you scroll to the bottom you can also find my map with pins of every place mentioned in this post!

Things to do in Dublin

The most fun part of visiting Dublin is just the vibe and lifestyle. All of the locals are super friendly and want to talk to you. Plus! It’s so small that you can see it all in just a few days.

Trinity college in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse

Essential. Tour of the Guinness factory and it ends at the top with one of the best views of Dublin.

Cliffs of Mohr

This is another recommendation that I'm sure you've seen in every travel guide. For good reason. The cliffs are iconically beautiful and only a few hours outside of Dublin. You can also stop in Galway while you're there!

Jameson Distillery

You can do whiskey tastings or cocktail making classes! Classic tour, but if you’re limited on time I would do Guinness.

Walk around Trinity

Trinity is BEAUTIFUL. Everything you dream of in a European college campus. So many famous writers and artists went to Trinity, and it’s also in the middle of the city.

Book of Kells

In Trinity campus. The Book of Kells is absolutely stunning.

Temple bar Dublin Ireland

Temple Bar district

Temple Bar is one of the most popular sights in Dublin! The whole area is a little touristy, but there’s some good thrifting (Nine Crows Vintage) and you can walk along River Liffey.

Howth outside of Dublin in Ireland

Spend the day in Howth

If you have the time, Howth is an adorable seaside town a train ride away from Dublin. In the spring they have boat races, but they have food and views all year round. Dublin is pretty small, so if you have an extra day Howth is a great way to see a bit more of Ireland.

If you spend the day in Howth check out...

Brass Monkey - Fish and chips restaurant that is dank! You can’t really go wrong with any of the restaurants on the pier.

Dog House’s Blue Tea Room - Super aesthetic and a great place to stop for tea and lunch.

There’s also a hike you can do along the hills .

St stephens shopping centre in Dublin Ireland

St Stephens Shopping Centre

Beautiful mall! Even if you're not in the mood to shop it's lovely to walk around and take pictures.

Go up to the top for this great shot of the glass clock. Such a beautiful building!

St Stephens Green Dublin Ireland

St Stephens Greens

Right next to the shopping centre. It's kinda like a Dublin Central Park. It's huge and beautiful with a lake in the middle.

St Stephens is a wonderful place to walk around or even have a picnic. There are also statues hidden all over the park dedicated to famous authors.

Comedy crunch in Dublin Ireland

Comedy crunch

Surprise surprise another bar, but this one has stand up comedy on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights! Comedians are from all over. Great way to get to know the culture.

Nightlife in Dublin

There is a huge range of options for nightlife in Dublin! You can go to quiet Irish pubs and sip a Guinness, gay bars, or big nightclubs.

Guiness in Dublin Ireland


Dope, huge Irish pub. It’s like half-pub, half-club. The bar gets bigger as it gets more crowded, and it’s always full of Irish people.

This whole street is just covered in pubs! If you start at Flannery’s, everywhere in the area is super fun.


If you’re there on a Monday, you absolutely have to go to Dicey’s Mondays. Huge party and so much fun.

Copper Face Jacks is nearby also, but it runs kinda young.

Bingo Loco

Buy tickets as far in advance as possible. One of the most fun nights I had in Dublin. It’s a huge bingo rave and they have huge prizes!

The George

Gay nightclub. Drag shows. Get there before 10 if you don’t want to pay a cover and get ready to dance.

The Globe

Fun for dancing, but people usually get there way later than other bars in Dublin.


Very pretty bar with fun cocktails! It’s a good place to start the night.


This bar is HUGE on game days. If you’re in Dublin during rugby season be sure to wear your team’s colors and watch the game

Restaurants in Dublin

Honestly, Dublin doesn’t have the best food. You can eat fish and chips or lots of potatoes, otherwise here are some non-Irish options.

Queen of Tarts

Adorable bakery with good coffee and pastries!

DiFontaine’s Pizzeria

Drunk food. We used to stop by every time we went out when I was studying in Dublin.


Cheap burritos. Dublin is obsessed with burritos. I don’t really get it. Mama’s Revenge is also good.

Pog Tara Street

Brunch place on the East side of Dublin. Irish dishes and it isn’t crazy expensive.

Map of Dublin

Here's my map with pins of every place I mentioned above! Did I miss anything? Let me know in a comment below.

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