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Three Days in Port Barton, Palawan

Port Barton is the ultimate place to enjoy the paradise beaches, fresh seafood, and warm hospitality of the Philippines. It is in between El Nido and Puerto Princesa, making it a perfect stop for anyone traveling through Palawan.

I understand that most people visiting Port Barton only have a few days to spare. Here is the best way to organize your itinerary so you can see the best parts of this sweet beach town.

If you’re going to Palawan, you have to do El Nido. You don’t want to miss kayaking in the canyon or ziplining from one island to another. But, if you want to relax on beautiful beaches and meet some of the nicest local people, you cannot skip Port Barton (and if you are interested in learning more, check out my full guide here).

Here's the best way to spend three days in Port Barton:

Day 1

Breakfast at Fat Cat 

Depending on how early you arrive, Fat Cat is a suspiciously modern cafe. It's a bit pricey compared to other places, but they have good coffee and Western breakfast options. It's in the middle of all of these beautiful tall trees and you can easily spend the morning there with a book.

Lounge at Coconut Beach and White Beach

Depending on when you arrive (ideally in the late morning/early afternoon), Coconut Beach is a great spot to start. It is probably the most popular beach in Port Barton, and it's beautiful with clear water, palm trees, and a family of pigs running around. They don't have food, so I would bring snacks and prepare to camp there for the day.

There are three ways to get to Coconut Beach: by foot, by bike taxi, or by boat. I always liked the boat ride; something about it just felt so summery and perfect. As with most beaches in Port Barton, you will need to pay an environmental fee to go. I recommend going straight from Coconut Beach to White Beach.

From Coconut Beach, it is an easy 15-minute walk to get to White Beach. This beach was my favorite place to watch the sunset in Port Barton; the water was so glassy that it just catches the light perfectly. It's really quiet and peaceful.

The boat taxi is the only way back to Port Barton from White Beach. The last boat leaves just after sunset.

Dinner at Star Apple Canteen 

Once you get back to town, grab some fresh fish at the Star Apple Canteen. If you only go to one restaurant in Port Barton, go to Star Apple Canteen. It is a local barbecue place with freshly caught fish and locally grown vegetables at a shockingly reasonable price. I kid you not, we went there five days in a row. Every day they have different fish options, and it was the best price we could find in Port Barton.

Grab a Drink at Happy Bar

I loved Happy Bar’s live music nights. There isn’t much of a schedule, but, when they have performers, it’s a great place to dance on the sand. Plus, it’s the Philippines, so the live performances are always absolutely incredible.

Whether or not there's live music, Happy Bar is a great spot to get a drink on the beach. From here, you can walk along the sand and enjoy some top-tier stargazing.

Day 2

Boat Tour 

This is definitely a hot take, but I liked my Port Barton more than Tour A in El Nido. They take you to several snorkeling sites, tiny paradise islands, and a lunch spot. The food was incredible, the tour guides were lovely, and the snorkeling was biodiverse and colorful. It was one of the highlights of my trip to the Philippines.

You can book through your hostel or go straight to the tour operators at the beach. Either way, expect to pay environmental fees along with the cost of the tour. CocoRico offers a party version of the boat tour if you're into that.

Port Barton Bistro 

If you're craving a Western meal, the Port Barton Bistro has lots of pasta and pizza options. Even if you don't go for dinner, it's one of the best spots to get comfy on a beanbag, sip on a Red Horse, and watch the sunset. They even have fire shows at night.

Day 3

Pamuayan Waterfall

If you're in Port Barton for a while and want a break from the saltwater, it's a nice way to spend the day and lots of locals go there to swim. You can get there with a tuktuk taxi, and they will usually take you to Pamuayan Beach as well.

If you've been traveling SouthEast Asia for a while, you can probably skip the waterfall. There are definitely more impressive ones in Thailand, Vietnam, or other areas, and the beaches are really the main draw of Port Barton.

Lunch at Evio

Ask your taxi driver to drop you off at Evio on Pamuayan Beach. You would never expect this random lady's house to serve one of the best meals of your trip. The eggplant dishes were fantastic, but it was also one of the best chicken dishes I have ever had.

Pamuayan Beach 

Pamuayan is one of the quieter beaches in Port Barton, but it's as beautiful and clear as the others. You can spend a few hours lounging on the beach in Pamuayan, just coordinate with your tuktuk drive.

Dinner at Port Barton Bistro 

If you're craving a Western meal, the Port Barton Bistro has lots of pasta and pizza options. It's one of the best spots to get comfy on a beanbag, sip on a Red Horse, and watch the sunset. Arrive before golden hour to get the best views.

If you stay after dinner for drinks, they even have fire shows at night.


If you're looking for a spot to lay by the beach and relax, you can easily spend more than three days in Port Barton. Planning a trip to the Philippines? Check out my full travel guides to Port Barton and Siargao.

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